Grain Cleaning & Drying

Barnyard Organics offers an array of grain-related services, including:

  • Cleaning
  • Drying


$65/tonne with a minimum 5 Tonnes order (otherwise, for orders under 5 tonnes, a $20 set-up fee is charged)

Barnyard Organics is set up with two shaker cleaners and one rotary cleaner to clean organic cereal grains and soybeans.  Sample product should be sent to Barnyard Organics prior to cleaning to assess the amount of dockage that can be expected from the order.  Send sample product to:

Barnyard Organics / 1934 N Freetown Road /Freetown, PEI C0B 1L0


Prices for drying vary based on % moisture, but the price is based on $.25/bushel/% moisture dried.

The minimum order for drying is 5 Tonnes (this is because the order has to fill the drier).


Customer JANE wants barley dried to 14% moisture, and the sample sent to Barnyard Organics is assessed at 19% moisture.  This means Barnyard Organics will be drying to a percent of 19% minus 14% for a total of 5%.

JANE has 5000 lbs of product weighing in at 60 lbs/bushel, meaning JANE has a total of 83.3 bushels.

Therefore, the price would be calculated as: $*5 = $104.13*

Send sample product to:

Barnyard Organics / 1934 N Freetown Road /Freetown, PEI C0B 1L0, and they will be able to email you a quote once the current moisture level is determined.