Dead-End Chicken Processing

Among the many services offered at Barnyard Organics is poultry processing in their custom-built, on-farm, provincially-inspected, organic, free-range (––just kidding) poultry processing facility. Never anyone’s favourite job, ending the life of well-loved chickens is made as humane as possible with Barnyard Organics well-designed facility.

Searching for a clean, dedicated facility for slaughtering, plucking, gutting, bagging and custom cutting* Barnyard Organics has you covered.
(If you would like to assist with the eviscerating, mention this when booking and we can discuss if time, labour and space allows that particular day.)


$5.25/bird in regular poly bags

+ $1 for shrink bag

$8 for non-Cornish cross meat birds

$0.50/bird fee to keep offal (liver, hearts, gizzard)

$0.25/bird to keep just liver and/or hearts

$0.50/bird to keep feet (if they’re in good shape- $1 if not)

$2 charge for birds 8lbs+

$4 charge for birds 10lbs+

*cutting up is available at $6/bird and only if time allows that particular day.