Dead-End Chicken Processing

Among the many services offered at Barnyard Organics is poultry processing in their custom-built, on-farm, provincially-inspected, organic, free-range (––just kidding) poultry processing facility. Never anyone’s favourite job, ending the life of well-loved chickens is made as humane as possible with Barnyard Organics well-designed facility.

Searching for a clean, dedicated facility for slaughtering, plucking, gutting, bagging and custom cutting* Barnyard Organics has you covered.


$5/bird in regular poly bags

$6/bird in shrink wrap bag

$7 for non-Cornish cross meat birds

Save $2/bird that you help eviscerate

$0.50/bird fee to keep offal (liver, hearts, gizzard)

*$5 additional cost/bird for cutting up (available as time allows that day).

NOTE: We are no longer renting the facility out. All processing is done by us (and you, if you want to help out). Thank you!