Organic Chicken & Eggs - How to Buy

Barnyard Organics have the enormous benefit of being able to produce all of their own organic grains and mix them themselves so they know exactly what is going into the feed and where it comes from, which lends a rare confidence to Barnyard Organics’ products that many others can’t guarantee.


With limited quantities each year, you can contact us for availability, but generally, frozen chicken is available from the farm while supplies last. Sally has offered her chicken and eggs through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) bi-weekly delivery program. Pick-up locations for the CSA have been located in both Summerside and Charlottetown throughout the summer months. There are no sign ups for the 2022 season at this time.

Organic, pasture-raised, happy poultry

Each year, when the spring is starting to welcome the warmth of summer, the brooding house at Barnyard Organics is filled with the sound of bundles of little chicks, all gathered under a warm light or huddled around the feeders. At four weeks of age the chicks are moved from the brooding area to the pasture where they pick away at the grass and bugs while the summer sun warms their feathers. The portable pasture shelters ensures that they get warm breezes, fresh grass and lots of exercise, everyday.