Bulk Buying Club

The bulk buying club model allows customers living in proximity to enjoy cost-savings by pooling their orders to benefit from significantly reduced shipping rates!

Here’s how you can volunteer to coordinate a bulk buying club:

  • Email, use social media, or call your fellow farming/backyard livestock buddies who are located in your general area who might be interested in placing an order with Barnyard Organics/East Coast Organic Grainery.
  • Decide on a HOST*. The Host will be the location where the order is shipped and where the bulk buying club participants will pick-up their order. Sometimes the Host is the coordinator, other times, they are two separate volunteer roles.
  • Copy, rename, and send out /share Barnyard Organics’ Google Order Form (COMING SOON!) to everyone who wants to participate in the bulk buying club order, being sure to specify a date when all orders must be submitted.

*The ideal Host:

  • Has the capacity to unload a multi-tonne order (i.e. a forklift). Although not necessary, this capability will save significantly on tailgate delivery fees.
  • Is happy to invite participants to their home to pick-up the order;
  • Is able to easily contact participants;
  • Has the capacity to store any orders that are not picked up at the designated time;
  • Is happy to help organize and distribute the order to the participants as they arrive during the designated pick-up time (ideally assisted by the volunteer Coordinator);
  • Be available during the shipment drop-off date/time for an approximately one-hour time slot where everyone will pick-up their orders;
  • Help spread the word to encourage more customers to take advantage of the opportunity to work together to save money!

The Coordinator should be prepared to:

  • Ensure the Google BYO Order Form spreadsheet is shared with all interested parties.
  • Set a deadline for orders and payments
  • Collect e-transfer payments for each individual orders
  • Place the complete order by reviewing the orders and ensuring the Order Form looks correct and emailing this to Barnyard Organics ensuring the shipping address is correctly identified for Barnyard Organics.
  • Pay for the entire order as one order (ideally once individual payments are received). E-transfer is accepted from BYO.
  • Be the contact person for BYO if there are any questions regarding the order.
Please note the following:
The Order Form spreadsheet will automatically add up the individual totals in each order’s spreadsheet tab, as well as a complete tally into the Master Order Form.
Minimum shipment required for a Buying Club model is 1 tonne / 40*25Kg bags / 2200 lbs. There is no maximum! Indeed, the more you and your friends order, the more cost savings you’ll reap!