The Kids

One of the important values of the farm is the purposeful inclusion of the kids into the operation. Each has their own very individual interests and skills and we love watching their contributions change and grow each year.


<blockquote>Lucy is 13 years old and was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. First, she created “Lucy’s Offal Good Business” turning chicken innards into gourmet dehydrated, organic treats for pets. She went from there, to “Lucy’s Awful Pretty Flowers” growing UPick sunflowers and is expanding into pumpkins and other natural decor. Check back often to see what she’s up to next! </blockquote>



<blockquote> Wilson is 11 and has a photographic memory for where everything is on the farm. From where each tractor is down to which wrench is where and for what, he’s your man. </blockquote>



<blockquote>Thayne is 10 and is the creative energy behind many projects, not the least of which is Cowboy Studios, his own graphic novel company. His brute strength, determination and keen eye for small critters are put to great use on the farm. </blockquote>



Sol is 7 and is by far the most enthusiastic about the day to day operations of Barnyard Organics. His brain is often several steps ahead of the problem and his solutions are often the best on offer. His greatest dream is to have his own golf cart so he can drive it as fast as he likes.