About Barnyard Organics

Barnyard Organics is a certified organic farm, begun in 2003, where a vision for a self-sustaining and environmentally sustainable farm continues to be the goal.

The Farm

Growing, mixing and selling complete organic feed rations for livestock; selling bulk organic grains; providing custom seed cleaning and soybean roasting, managing a Community Shared Agriculture program for organic chicken and eggs; offering custom poultry processing; and raising four enthusiastic farm kids is a little teaser about what this farm has to offer!

The Family

First and foremost, Barnyard Organics is a FAMILY farm. Mark and Sally are the co-owners and operators, as well as the parents of their brood of four. Mark's parents, the farm's previous owners, still live and work on the farm too, providing essential support and expertise to the operation.

Public Speaking & Workshops

Barnyard Organics’ Mark and Sally Bernard are both regularly asked to provide consultation advice for farmers, and to prepare presentations for educational workshops and speaking engagements.