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An investment for the farm and for the organic industry in the Maritimes is the soybean roaster, dedicated to roasting strictly organic and non-GMO beans. 


Roasting Process

We have an increasingly refined roasting process with a proper steeping chamber and optional flaking unit into which the beans go after they exit the roaster. 

Nowhere else in the Maritimes is providing this complete service, but we feel it is a necessary process to ensure the highest quality, highest nutrient availability of the bean.  When the beans leave the roaster they are taken to the stainless steel steeping chamber, while they are still extremely hot, and spend approximately 20 minutes completing the roasting process begun in the roaster. 

After the 20 minutes are up, we have the choice of filtering the beans through a cooling drum, into the output grain tank, or putting them through the flaking process, which breaks them down from their hard round form, to a more manageable flaked or pan-caked form.  We are very pleased to be able to offer this new service to our customers.

Soybean Roaster

WHAT DOES ROASTING DO?                         

Soybeans, although an excellent source of protein, contain an enzyme which acts as an inhibitor, preventing some of the protein from being released to the animal or consumer.  Roasting is the process which removes the enzyme, allowing the cow, for example, to retain all the nutrients from the bean.  Roasting soybeans is a necessary process for feed for cattle, sheep, pigs and many other animals that consume them as a part of their diet.


The roaster is operational all year long
Our busiest period is following harvest in October

Once the beans arrive on the farm they are:
     -issued a lot number
     -a sample is taken
          -bushel weight
          -dockage from weed seeds
     -A test is performed to ensure no GMO contamination. 
These tests are valuable for us as roasters, but also for our customers so that they may be able to refine their systems even further to obtain the optimum product. 

We are able to handle orders from semi trailers right down to tote bags.  Please contact us as early as possible regarding your order for soybeans or bean roasting.