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Acadia Grain Combined with the soybean crop, our cereal grains form the centre pivot of the farm and our constant expansion has led us to experiment with new crops and new ways to produce them under organic standards. 

We are growing soil with the crops just being an indicator of the job that we are doing.  This is why we are very strict on our minimum five year rotation, ensuring that each crop is balanced with the one before and after.  This minimizes pest and disease producing a healthy bountiful harvest.  

Our five year rotation starts with clover which is plowed to plant wheat, followed by soybeans and then barley inter-seeded with field peas and then oats are planted as a nurse crop for the clover to establish and grow the following year.  

Within that rotation we have some room to experiment and try new things.  Recent trials have been corn, malting barley, spring spelt, winter wheat, fall rye and buckwheat.   

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