Soybean Roaster


Farm History




Barnyard Organics has evolved from our first business plan and a passion to provide organic feed options to grow a vibrant Maritime organic livestock community.   Through the farm growing and changing, we have been able to put in place the key components that allow Barnyard Organics to make a high quality product that is priced at an affordable level.

In 2016 the feed line was re branded as East Coast Organic Feed Mill. We very proud of our new bag desgin and even more excited that we are bagging feed in paper bags.

These key components include our commitment to grow soil first and foremost which yields healthy crops.  We’ve also put in place grain storage, drying, cleaning and soybean roasting.  It seemed fitting that we could complete the circle and provide a livestock feed for local farmers to feed their livestock and thus, their customers.   The diversity of our own crops and those of the other wonderful organic farmers on the Island allow us to grow and source high quality grains to make our high quality feed. 

These crops include organic corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, oats and field peas.  To complement and complete the feed we use Bio Ag minerals based out of Wellesley Ontario, a company that also has passion for healthy soil and healthy livestock and a commitment to ensuring zero-GMO contamination.  We also offer the wide variety of Bio-Ag products.

East Coast Organic Feed Mill offers both custom mixes and floor stock inventories, so please contact Mark to find out how we can be the source for your livestock feed needs.